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Many homeschool families are a part of homeschool cooperative groups (co-ops) across the USA and abroad, participating in programs and classes that enrich the children's educations by sharing the strengths of the parents and other adults who graciously volunteer their time and efforts. All of those co-ops mean a lot of WONDERFUL ideas are being implemented all around the world! I got to thinking, "What if we homeschooling parents pooled our mental resources and share our class ideas, outlines, and lesson plans with one another?" What a blessing that could be to homeschoolers everywhere!

Co-ops depend on parent volunteers to step up and offer classes and lessons to benefit the members. Let's be honest, though, sometimes a parent is willing to volunteer to teach a class, but needs an IDEA to get going with. Other times, a parent is willing, but needs an OUTLINE upon which to build an exciting class. Still, in other seasons, parents are willing, but need a fully fleshed out, OPEN AND GO PLAN to easily implement. I decided to try to build a catalog of ideas, outlines, and lesson plans shared by homeschoolers everywhere FREE to any who wish to use them.

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